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The average IQ in United States is 98

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Average IQ Scores By Country

Country IQ
1 Singapore 108
2 Hong Kong 108
3 Taiwan 106
4 South Korea 106
5 Japan 105
6 China 104
7 Switzerland 102
8 Netherlands 102
9 North Korea 102
10 Macao 101
Country IQ
11 Iceland 101
12 Finland 101
13 Canada 101
14 Belgium 100
15 Germany 100
16 United Kingdom 100
17 Austria 100
18 New Zealand 100
19 Israel 100
20 Norway 99
Country IQ
21 Sweden 99
22 Luxembourg 99
23 Denmark 99
24 Czech Republic 99
25 Estonia 99
26 Australia 99
27 France 98
28 United States 98
29 Hungary 98
30 Mongolia 98

World Wide IQ Test

The World Wide IQ Test is part of an ambitious effort to deliver fun, stimulating and engaging online measures of human cognitive abilities, as well as social and emotional learning skills for the global community. We aim to provide you with accurate and precise information about important aspects of your intellectual abilities and personality characteristics, and where they may benefit the most from further development, regardless of your academic, professional, or cultural background. The current version of the World Wide IQ Test measures several dimensions of general fluid intelligence, including visuospatial pattern reasoning, visuospatial insight, and numerical pattern reasoning skills.

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The World Wide IQ Test presents you with a short series of fun, challenging problems that are designed to measure your fluid intelligence abilities and provide you with both accurate and precise scores. You can take the test online anytime from any mobile device or desktop computer in a comfortable, relaxed setting, and immediately receive a detailed score report that tells you how your performance compares to thousands of adults from all over the world and helps you identify areas for further development.

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